New York Jets (from "The DC Rock'n'Roll Chili Mixtape")




From "The DC Rock'n'Roll Chili Mixtape" published by Sounds Like Love - please download the full mixtape or track at


released October 28, 2015

words and music by BRNDA



all rights reserved


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BRNDA Washington, D.C.

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Track Name: New York Jets
i've got the fiercest sister's kitchen in chicago
i've got the conky monkey's arm for a pin-up
i'm home with the paper
i've got an a-tonal rhythm as he's taking you apart

i don't care about the ny jets

it's the shadow of a building that he wanted to see
it's a tear-drop world and he's crying for me
it's a conker spaniel's world
even they get in for free

who cares about the ny jets
i don't care about the ny jets

bronx voice on the brink of an abscess
twenty copies of the LP in the closet
that art is not in square form
local venerable aviation-ologist

who cares about the ny jets
i don't care about the ny jets