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sunday i'm a victim of my halo i beatify myself and i walk among the trees and i talk to the...
people under the afghans i don't even know your name

hi people foot people sun people some people would be better off if i had other offers to attend an...
ashram but no no i won't be going to your pasta potluck i'm a lying filth-bag body-tagged...
body with prone tendencies i've got to get away...
it's the ground forces i can hope to contain

hill people i come in pieces of my mothers and my fathers but i don't know who to blame for this damn dark...
disease that won't let me be a goat herder or some other kind of honest man enjoy my spoiled milk

i've been researching the caucuses but i don't think that i have any blood there certainly no limburger...
cheese i've got a stroke smell riding up my spine all the time think it's time...
hell maybe i'm talking bout things i don't understand...
wish i had soil wish i had blood or soil in a foreign land...


from Lye to People (from "Library Mixtape Vol. 1"), released October 28, 2016
music and words by BRNDA
recorded and mixed by Tommy Sherrod of Full Glass (Silver Spring, MD, October 2016)



all rights reserved


BRNDA Washington, D.C.


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