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Do You Like Salt?


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Gavin Hellyer
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Gavin Hellyer Punky, catchy and brimful of excitement, this a record very difficult to dislike. Favorite track: Beverage of Choice.
Tomatomancer thumbnail
Tomatomancer If you like Juana Molina, Parquet Courts, The Breeders, B-52s, Fontaines DC, Talking Heads, The Pixies, or life, or even if you hate life, if you think rainbows are dogshit... you'll like this Favorite track: Perfect World.
Lars Gotrich
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Lars Gotrich I am a salty boy and this is a salty slab of dancey post-punk that requires serious hydration. Favorite track: Year of the Hot Dog by Burger Gang.
KENNY CHARLTON! ah kids where do they get their energy fro-
Thank you sweet pea, you sit with you brother thanks darl
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moist beverage of choice upon me foist your canteen of bitter greens horse you make me a norse boozooloo discourse fist force no no no no no no no the locals mean “that’s clean like recycling my Steve McQueen eats Abilene” that man drinks cultures of lamb brined Balkan bobo yams my type of man is in Japan my country grabbed my hand I clapped their hand “sights sirene Saigon scene bloody latrine cycling” “Jeff Green garlic tea drink instantly”
leisure dew palm canyon fluffy canyon minion a gallon o’ tea chew eh? asshole casket to Judy? a foe glass equine you do eh? down sir a short dweeb munches food flame on Lucille? up one canyon the fool baguette lip balm carrot Em eh?
welcome home we’ve been waiting for you behind door one: a stable job with prestige you’ll have lead authorship on several different publications and garner many accolades and forms of affirmation you’ll have a friend with a friendly dog you’ll be a friendly neighbor and give high fives you’re in the perfect world x3 and doin ok behind the second curtain a life of poetry there ain’t no bread unless you bake it yourself when others look at you they’ll wish that they could see themselves you’ll go to sleep knowing you have made a contribution you’re in the perfect world x3 and doin ok behind door three well that you cannot see
Diner 01:41
you’re all alone at the midnight diner again and everyone’s having trouble making commitments except for you you know whether the truck carrying your chickens was American or Japanese and at today’s gas prices one extra mile to the gallon makes all the difference you care about the environment don’t you? of course you do and do you know exactly why you’re here and exactly at what time you’re gonna get up and leave? you bet your destiny is waiting one step around the corner why carry paint buckets you’re the committer so dig in stay a while those eggs over easy are not gonna eat themselves except of course for the yolks which you’ll save for the bus person because statistically-speaking 50% of the food-service-industry employee’s working-calories come from discarded food and you know that by not boxing you’re keeping 26 million molecules of CO2 from the atmosphere because your bus person wasn’t full on the way home and stopped for a morning muffin do you like salt? of course you do just be careful not too much you’re on a 45-year plan diet or decaf we have it covered turkey or bacon? tofu or tempeh? that’s a decision you’ll never have to make and so when you see a couple canoodling in the next booth over and young swingers left and right none of that matters anymore because you know that statistically-speaking you’re due to meet the person of your dreams at 3am this morning in 10 seconds 15 20 30….!!!
it’s the year of the hot in developing worlds and the year of obsequience to boys and girls burger gangs form progress loops nutrient age fruit hula hoops eating the world through the eyes of the fish I like salt! I like salt! coagulants fritters tubes patties and links Ich bin einchilada bye! crops in the commons don’t count my food my crops in the commons doughnut count I’m food we’ll all have fun in a hot dog bun glistening sizzling frittering chitterling frozen fish they’re freezing fish I like salt! I love salt! oceans are the source of sweet water culture is art of fact bye!
I’ve been working on my feet all day I’ve been waiting on the midnight train all of my liver’s been chopped been boiled gone grey wearing my hat green suit just want the boys to say hey lifelong head in the sand while all the big boys clap their hands new suit makes it all ok big job turns night into day pullin out of the mall parking lot feelin good because I got what I caught gold plate watch sits cold on my wrist as the traffic lurches on slip by slip lifelong head in the sand…been slow burning round the house all day slumped and borrowed in my dad’s duvet press my face to the glass smell the potpourri vanilla aunt Linda and suburban tv lifelong head in the sand…
Wrong Taco 01:41
excuse my sir you gave me the wrong taco!! I want rice I want it steamed and I want creme on the side I posted a review while I was waiting in line you know I heard this place was really authentic but these onions don’t taste like onions! um what are those jalapeñoids? I don’t think I got the shots for that and I don’t think I read a blog on that I just wanna get this stuff off my face I don’t want too much exposure to this place I just wanna shove these tacos in my face! I just need some culture in my life expose myself to different points of view even though I know what I think is always right because these tacos are definitely wro-ong!
The Avocado 02:41
hey man I did not know they liked vichyssoise got a great recipe calls for poached avocado it’s hot outside but it’s cold in here pick up a lime pinch of salt vichy! vichy! hey man what is this? did you squeeze it like I told you to? does it look mauve to you? that is not an avocado that is a rock you could play baseball with that now where we gonna get another avocado at this hour and do you know how hot it is outside? I promised them a cold poached avocado they’re getting a moist tennis shoe the avocado waited until the purples and blues faded from the light the clamor of voices had ascended to the bedroom buried in muffled hushes the avocado wished the couple well but it wouldn't be sitting idly by waiting for the inevitable cutting mashing smashing mincing skinning pitting even whipping these mutilations it was all too familiar with having grown up with the culinary terms batted lazily about like shuttlecocks but poaching? it would have stoically submitted to those other sentences but would not be brought low in a slow simmer as a bonus this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to leap from a great height a feat avoided at all costs by the other mature avocados it had ever known without a second more of hesitation the avocado began barreling towards the edge past the lime past the salt past the jalapeno the tomatoes and potatoes end over end and then into the silent kitchen air for a moment the avocado imagined itself a game-winning grand slam sailing over the heads of its adoring fans sticking the landing right on its pointy end it cleared the back door (left open by its purchasers in their haste) in one bounce and rolled out to the dry desert air and a new life its still-green skin glistening in the moon
every day the kids say they know the way up from yesterday I wonder if when they are grey the world will be as clear as day cause kids are not better than adults are we fruit flies to George the lobster or bad parents to infanticidal hamsters now what’s the point? to go around to go round round round till evolution’s found that these kids are not better than adults
Red Iguana 01:55
white baby come and take me away blue angel goin to fly me today green turtle’s got sand in to lay red iguana say goin be ok it’s ok it’s goin be ok yellow comet said I leavin this place black water shining up from the lake orange come and orange go greys and browns the color of my rainbow I love brown I love beige I love grey I love slate I love browns and greys it’s goin be ok


released August 20, 2021

Do You Like Salt? Was recorded in Washington, DC in 2019 and 2020.
All songs by BRNDA.

Engineered by Justin Moyer at White Oak Studio. @justinwmmoyer
Mixed and mastered by Jonathan Schenke at Studio Windows. @jonnytwoeyes

Dave Lesser: vocals, guitar, clarinet
Leah Gage: vocals, drums, auxiliary percussion
Torrey Sanders: vocals, guitar
Christian Whittle: bass (tracks 1-5, 7)
Nick Stavely: bass (tracks 6, 8, and 9)
Justin Moyer: alto saxophone (track 3)

Cover art by Brittany Jordan. @lunarmoduleart
Cover art photographed by Madison Hansen.
Insert art by Thom Delair.
Layout by Leah Gage.


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BRNDA Washington, D.C.

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